Well as you can see from the pic above Kirstenbosch is in full Aloe bloom season right now and what a spectacular display they make!!....The pic above is of a Kranz or Cliff Aloe and shows the back of Devils Peak in the background with a very unseasonal South Easterly cloud scudding over the top!!
On Thursday last week I took some visitors from Boston USA on a Scenic Peninsula trip and the weather could not have been better!!....At the Cape Point Ostrich farm a male Ostrich approached one of my male guests...and promptly went into a frenzied mating dance which seemed clearly directed at my guest!!....One very confused Ostrich and one very embarrased but excited guest who nevertheless kept his camera going full speed!!....
Although lots of people were at the Old Lighthouse lookout point above the Furnicular at Cape Point, I spotted a Southern Right whale wallowing and relaxing just inside the point which nobody else had seen.... I promptly showed my visitors with the Binocs which I always carry!!....Also drew my guests attention to a Peregrine Falcon coursing along the cliffs and the colony of breeding Cape Cormorants below!
At the Boulders Penguin colony much of the main beach where the colony normally hang out has been eroded by big seas so only a small patch of nests remain...as a result many of the colony have moved up into the bushes and can be seen from the Boardwalk to the colony....My guests were amazed by the danger signs on the Simonstown main road warning motorists to be on the lookout for Penguins crossing and indeed we did see a couple of Penguins in the roadside vegetation on the MOUNTAIN side of the road...once again great excitement!!....
The Story of Able Seaman Just Nuisance on Jubilee Square Simonstown always fascinates my guests!!...
Unusually we did not come across any of the resident Baboon troups either at Cape Point or at Millers Point!!...As I had promised my guests Baboons as a last throw of the dice I turned up towards the Tokai Arboretum and sure enough we soon parked off in the middle of at least 35 of the Tokai Troup who seemed to be trying to raid a rangers house at the time...lots of barking, screaming and general Baboon Aggro and mayhem with all the large Males trying to show off!!.....It was all I could do to keep my guests securely locked in the car with all windows up!!...They were all for going up through the sunroof to take pics but for sure a large Baboon would have ended up in the car in a flash!!....
Through UCT and a short cut to avoid the rush hour traffic up to Signal Hill to watch a balmy very red Sunset over a calm Sea Point sea rounded off a great day ....A final drive through Bo Kaap and some very tired but happy guests were dropped off at their Waterfront hotel!!...

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    Pincushions in Kirstenbosch
    Constantia Valley from the Bridle Path
    The Overseers Cottage
    The Track crane from 1880 at the Waterworks museum near Hely Hutchinson Dam
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    Maclears Beacon, the highest point of Table Mountain
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